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5 Elements of a “Dream House”

Below is an article by one of my favorite real estate bloggers, Tara@trulia. While Tara’s post is aimed at home buyers, assisting them in identifying those features which will be most important to them in their search for a new home, it is also important for the home seller, Realtor and Home Stager to keep in mind what these intangibles are that will help to attract the most potential buyers.

Dream House Intangible # 1 Tara identifies as “right-sized”- While the perfect- size home is different for each buyer, it is important to remember when selling a home that buyers typically want as much space as they can afford. Therefore, packing away clutter, lightening up, and presenting well-thought-out furniture arrangements that maximize the function and sense of space are critical steps in presenting a property for sale.

Dream House Intangibles #2 and #3- “Lifestyle” and “Provides Vision Fuel”- When a buyer shops for a new home, they are shopping for a way of life. The savvy seller recognizes this, and may provide written cues such as pointing out good school districts, proximity to the beach, etc.. Additionally, rooms and areas can be staged to suggest the kind of activities that buyers aspire to, like casual entertaining, lounging on a pool deck, reading in a cozy nook, breakfast in bed and so on. These are referred to as “emotional connections”,  and can play a very large role in a buyers decision. A Professional Home Stager knows how to add these “just right” touches that get buyer’s juices flowing.

Dream House Intangible #4- “Staying Power”- This intangible refers to the expectation that the buyer will be happy in the home for a minimum of 5 to 7 years. For a young family, this may mean room to grow, or for a retired couple, accessibility. The seller can assist the buyer by pointing out features such as these through written and visual means.

Dream House Intangible #5- “Resale Appeal”- It should be uppermost in a home buyer’s mind the re-sale value of a potential property at some point in the future. Some conditions are considered nearly incurable, such as a location very close to a railroad or in a high-crime neighborhood. Sellers of these homes will likely need to rely on heavily discounted pricing to sell, and will have to wait for the buyer who will accept these conditions in return for a rock-bottom price. Other difficult conditions for resale would be a very poor, disfunctional floor plan, or an unsightly adjoining property. These are conditions that are usually curable,  through renovation, landscaping, etc., but may be costly. If left un-addressed, home buyers will typically over-estimate the trouble and expense of the cure needed, and will either move on, or make a very lowball offer. Home sellers should make every effort to erase these question marks in buyer’s minds if they wish to sell quickly, and for the best price. Your Professional Home Stager is experienced at finding creative, cost-effective solutions to these kind of issues.

In preparing your home for sale, you should always enlist the help and expertise of a Real Estate Professional, who can help you to determine those features that resonate most with buyers in your area. Additionally, a Professional Home Stager is an expert at helping to present a home that has universal appeal, and will emotionally connect with the most buyers at a price that is typically a fraction of the return.

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