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5 Hot Tips For Staging To Sell!

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Spring is here, and the market is HOT! Just a few simple design tricks can help give your property the competitive edge and help close the deal at the highest possible price. Remember, staging to sell is a form of marketing, and you are preparing your “product” for the market. Here are a few easy tips to get you started:


1. Pack Now Rather Than Later

“Spacious” is the description that nearly all potential home buyers are looking for, although their definitions of this may differ. The first step to achieving a spacious feel is to begin sorting and packing those items which are not currently needed and can be stored until your move. While you may be very comfortable surrounded by your grandmother’s collection of antique teacups, most potential buyers do not have the ability to envision themselves living the life they aspire to in your home if it is filled with your personal décor. The name of the game in staging your home to sell is to create an ambiance that universally appealing and not too taste-specific.


2. Scale Back To Make Room

Another simple way to give the perception of a larger space is to reduce the size and/or number of furnishings in smaller (or even larger) rooms. This may be accomplished by simply putting some of your furniture or accessories in storage. This might also be the time to do a little bit of furniture shopping for your new home. Studies show that most potential buyers want to see, and are more likely to make offers on, homes with updated décor, even though they know that the décor and furnishings do not come with the home.

Make sure that the furnishings in place are the proper scale for the space, attractive and make sense for the way the room is intended to be used. For example, if you have been using the dining room as a playroom, be sure to pack up the toys and furnish it as a dining room again before listing for sale. This will make it easier for buyers to envision the room as they might arrange it once they’ve moved in, and will help to address such questions as “will my dining table fit in here?”


3. Spotlight With A Splash of Color

Neutral paint colors have long been recommended by real estate professionals to help a home appeal to a broader market, and this is still good advice, but you are not limited to just white and beige. There are countless pale neutral colors with just a hint or subtle color undertone to choose from, and keeping a monochromatic paint scheme throughout the home can make the space feel larger. However, a splash of color can be a valuable ally as well! Eye-catching colors can be very useful in drawing attention to aspects of your home that you want to emphasize. Use bright floral arrangements, throw pillows, art and/or area rugs to direct the eye of prospective buyers to features you don’t want them to miss, like upgraded fixtures, or flooring. This simple design trick will increase the “Wow” factor of your listing!


4. Update Lighting Fixtures and Fans

With the abundance of new, often “cookie-cutter” homes, townhomes and condos, especially in coastal areas, many buyers see the same styles and features over and over. One easy way to combat this and stand out from the competition is to upgrade light fixtures and ceiling fans. Replacing generic looking fans and basic ceiling light fixtures is a simple and inexpensive way to add both character and perceived value to your home.


5. Modernize

Especially in older homes, dated-looking outlets, switches, plates, door hardware and faucets can significantly add to their perceived age, and buyers will typically overestimate what it will cost to perform these updates. Even if they make an offer, they will discount the price by what they think the cost of the updates will be, and many will simply move on. For relatively minimal cost, old fashioned toggle light switches can be replaced with contemporary rocker or “Decora” style switches. Old outlets can be updated to three-prong with the help of an electrician, and switching out  inexpensive new outlet and switch plates will erase the years. Brushed nickel or stainless steel faucets and door hardware can replace dated looking brass, gold, or worn-out chrome. All of these improvements tell the buyer that your home has been updated and cared for.

To really go the extra mile, fixtures like touchless or motion-sensing faucets and light switches, and even built-in USB-charging wall outlets can be installed for a minimal additional investment.

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