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New Pinterest “Create This Look” boards!


One of my favorites tools for communicating and managing products and ideas for decorating and home staging projects is Pinterest. By now, most people are somewhat famililiar with this online tool, but for the uninitiated, Pinterest is a virtual site where you can create separate “boards” and pin photos, articles and ideas from the web, photos or your own computer. There are a number of reasons why I think the Pinterest application is a wonderful tool:

First, it allows me to communicate with my clients using visuals, rather than trying to find the right words to communicate a visual idea. Since most of my clients don’t  know yet exactly what they want, I typically start by throwing a lot of “Pins” or pictures on a board that I create for them, then seeing what they react to, either positively or negatively. This helps me to quickly develop a clear picture of what their particular style is, and hone my selections to fit that style. A successful client board works a bit like a funnel, starting with me throwing a lot of stuff in it, and then slowly distilling it to the unique look of that client.

Then, because all of the photos are in one place, on a board where I can look at them all at once, it is helpful to get an idea of how the different selections pinned there may work together in a room.

Finally, it is a great organizing tool, because when you pin something from the web, it creates a direct link from your board to the source, where you can easily look up details such as price, dimensions, colorways, etc.. Of course, this is not true of items that you pin from your own computer or photos, so it is important to add any critical information to the comments and titles for those pins.

Here are a couple of boards from some of my actual projects, complete with “After” photos showing how the pinned items were used. To keep my projects on track, I typically start deleting items from boards that we know we are not interested in. The first board is a completed kitchen renovation and redesign project. The second is a home staging project. Feel free to steal my ideas- the links to the products are right there for you to use!


Relaxing Beach Getaway- Create This Look

Sarasota FL boasts one of the top-rated beaches in the world- Siesta Key Beach, known for it’s wide swale of sugar-white sand. In renovating and staging this vintage condo for use as a seasonal rental, just steps away from beautiful Siesta Beach, we opted to capitalize on the rich history of the Sarasota area as a vacation getaway. Choosing a palate of sunset colors, we found it an easy task to find prints based on vintage Sarasota postcards as our design inspiration, offering a rich sense of place. Click here to see a slide show of the project . Follow this link to see some of the components of this wonderful vacation property. To rent it, contact Tami at The Crescent Arms

Re-Create This Look Using Pinterest

I love, love, love Pinterest! One of the problems with decorating for other people has always been difficulty in communicating visual ideas with words.  Just last week, I  had a husband question his wife’s and my decision to use “Roman Shades” on the windows in the Great Room. In his mind, the term “Roman Shades” evinced something ultra-feminine, or “foo-foo” as he put it. After much discussion about other options like blinds, shutters, shades and draperies, all vetoed, he said with exasperation, “Why can’t we just do something like what we did last year in the Master Bedroom? I really like those!” It was all I could do to keep a straight face as I replied, “Yes, I think Roman Shades would work very well in this room also.”

Using Pinterest, I can search the internet and pin ideas to a board I create for my client, which they can pin onto as well. We can like and comment on each other’s pins, and using the smart-phone app, I can even photograph and pin ideas while shopping. This becomes a fluid visual conversation, allowing me to distill the contents over time to the essence of almost any client’s style. And because each pin links directly back to the  vendor, (except your own photos, where I like to record important information in the comments) it is an extremely easy way to refer back for information as to where to purchase, how much, what are the dimensions, etc..

Follow this link to the board of a completed redesign project which includes before and after photos, as well as the “Pins” of the final items selected.

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